AVP Volleyball Championship Gold Series

Volleyball is one of my favorite sports to watch and play.  I’ve never played competitively, just recreationally.  I look forward to this event in the Olympics as well.  When you think of beach volleyball, you (or at least I) picture the sandy beaches and year-round accommodating temperatures of California.  But every year, on Labor Day weekend, the pros come to Chicago for a weekend tournament.  And the public is invited to join in on the fun.  And the best part is – it’s free!

The AVP tournament takes place right along the lake at Oak Street Beach.  Aside from watching top tier players, you also have the sound of the waves crashing behind you and the architecture along Lake Shore Drive as your backdrop.  What more could you ask for?

2019-08-31 12.23.08

The first and second round of play took place on Friday.  Games started as early as 8:00 AM.  We were able to fit this in on Saturday afternoon when they had whittled the match-ups down to the quarterfinals.  The nice thing about this tournament is that, once a match is finished playing, the stands start to thin out until the next one starts.  So, there was never a problem finding a spot to sit.

2019-08-31 12.34.11-1

There were additional options for upgraded seating, but they were pricey.

2019-08-31 14.08.11

Another great thing about this tournament is the ability to bring in your own snacks and water.  Which we did not do because we did not know.  Next year we will be prepared because they also didn’t have much in the way of food/drinks to purchase.  The one bar we found did not allow you to leave the area with a drink.  What they did have, however, were many sponsor tents handing out free samples or selling their products at a significant discount.

The first match we watched was in the women’s bracket.  Emily Day and Betsi Flint won this one and eventually ended up in the Championship game on Sunday.  April Ross and Alix Klineman won the second match we watched which also put them in the final game on Sunday.  Ross is an Olympic Silver (2012) and Bronze (2016) medalist in beach volleyball.  These were the top 2 seeded teams in the tournament and Ross/Klineman eventually won the Championship.



The final match we watched was in the men’s bracket.  This game was a little more exciting because the number 1 seed (Budinger/Patterson) was taking on the (underdog) number 20 seed (Lotman/Partain) in the quarterfinal round.  The Lotman/Partain pairing was interesting because Miles Partain is only 17 years old.  His partner is 33.  They have only played a handful of times together, yet, they held their own through the entire match.  They lost both games by just the 2-point margin but Budinger and Patterson had to work (hard) for those wins.


There are AVP tournaments year-round, all over the US.  But if you happen to live in Chicago, find your way down to Oak Street Beach on the next Labor Day weekend!

Be A Tourist In Your Own City – Architecture Boat Tour (Wendella Boats)

One of our favorite things to do with friends who come in for a visit, is to take them into the city for an architecture boat tour.  It is a combination of being on the water, catching some rays and great views, and soaking up a little history of our big city.  There are many companies to choose from and different types of tours to fit your needs.  I chose Wendella Boats based on recommendations from friends, specifically for the Lake & River Tour.

Wendella offers 3 types of tours and 10 different cruises.  The tours vary in length (45, 75, or 90 minutes) and subject.  You can take a condensed river, full river, or lake and river combo tour.  The cruises also vary in length and activity.  Get romantic on a sunset cruise, catch the Wednesday and/or Saturday light show on the fireworks cruise, or sample some libations on the wine and cheese or whiskey tasting cruises.  They even have special event cruises for St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July.  I would imagine those book up quickly.

Prices are different for each type of boat ride you are taking.  The Lake & River Tour costs $39.00 and they offer multiple dates/times to choose from.  Sorry, I couldn’t find any discount codes that worked.  However, they offer discounts for college students, Military personnel, Chicago First Responders, and Veterans and Reservists (all with a valid ID).

The boat itself is large and there is plenty of seating to choose from.  I have sat in the front, back, and along the sides (I told you we take a lot of friends on this adventure!).  You can hear the tour guide from every angle, so you don’t have to worry about being first in line to board.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The tour guides are very knowledgeable, not only about the architecture, but also about the history of the river and the city of Chicago.  You begin your trip by heading down the river, away from the lake.  I am not as knowledgeable as the tour guides, so I will simply share with you some of my favorite buildings and/or details on the façade.

This first picture is looking back up the river after we passed the Merchandise Mart:

2019-06-18 11.10.01


This photo is of the decorative masks that are part of the façade of the Civic Opera House (home to the Lyric Opera):

2019-06-18 11.17.21

The story behind the top of the Carbide and Carbon building is that it was meant to look like the top of a champagne bottle:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The new sleek, shiny style architecture doesn’t really do it for me.  I love the look of the classic older buildings.  Like the Wrigley Building:

2019-06-18 12.31.50

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Chicago architecture tour without the iconic Sears Tower:

2019-06-19 10.46.25

At this point, the boat turns around and heads back up the river and covers buildings with better views from that direction.  At the end of the river, the boat enters the Chicago Harbor Lock.  The lock was originally built as a component in reversing the flow of the river back in the 1930s.  Now, its main function is to prevent the river from flooding.  Once in the lock, the boat sits idle while the water level rises up to Lake Michigan.  You have to go through this process again, in reverse, on your way back.

Once on the lake, the tour takes you around Navy Pier and then a short distance north of that.  The views, on a good day, are spectacular.

2019-06-18 11.50.29

2019-06-18 12.12.33

Then the boat turns around and takes you south.  Not far enough to hit the museums, but you still get a clear view of the campus and the south end of the city.

2019-06-18 12.06.11

Tours are offered year-round (weather permitting) if you would prefer to pass on the city in the summer heat.  I don’t know if you can bring food on the boat, but they do offer a full-service bar with snacks you can purchase.  They also offer a climate-controlled lounge on the main level in case of rain or cooler temps.

So next time you have friends visiting from out of town, or you just want to have a “staycation” in the city, make some time for one of these boat tours.  You might even learn something new about the city!

Road Trip – Waterfall Tour

Waterfalls.  I love the sound of the water rushing over the rocks.  I love the power of the current as it sweeps everything in its path and takes it for a ride.  You don’t see many waterfalls here in Illinois, so that is why I had to take a road trip to find some decent ones.

I have a friend, my best friend actually, who has a house on Green Bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  One of the top things to do In Marinette County is a waterfall tour.  If you go to the county’s website, they have a list of each location along with a link to the Google Map to get you there.  The waterfalls are laid out so that you hit them all.


Now, you probably don’t want to drive 4 hours out of your way to see some waterfalls in Michigan unless you live there.  You might be surprised to find there is probably a waterfall tour somewhere near you if you are up for a full day of driving and hiking.  All I did was Google “waterfall tour in Illinois” and I found an “Ultimate Illinois Waterfall Road Trip”.   This one is more of a one-way day trip.  But you could crash at a bed and breakfast and then find a different road trip for the ride home.  The website Only In Your State maps out a bunch of these for you.  Taco tour?  Best Tiki Bars?  Best thrift stores?  Best fall foliage?

Anyway, back to the waterfall tour in the UP.  There were 12 stops on the map and we hit 9 of them.  We left their house at 10:30 am and didn’t return until 8:30 that night!  Some waterfalls required a hike to get there.  None were too far.  You could usually hear the rush of the water as soon as you stepped out of your car.  Some of the hikes were a little more rugged than the others but they do have signs.

Some tips:

  1. pack a snack.  You don’t know how remote some of these hikes are and restaurants might not be readily available.
  2. Same goes for gas stations so start with a full tank.  Bug spray was necessary on some of the hikes.
  3. Most (not all) of these stops had port-a-pottys.  So it is safe to drink lots of water.
  4. Don’t try to do this in flip-flops.  Seriously.

Here are some of my favorite falls:

12 Foot falls

Long Slide Falls

Strong Falls

I could sit here and watch and listen to this all day . . .

If waterfalls aren’t your thing, find a road trip that suits your interests. Chances are someone has already mapped it out for you.  Spending quality time on a road trip with your SO can be fun!

Water Lantern Festival

(Not from Chicago?   This event takes place in other cities in Illinois as well as other states)

Mark your calendars for next year – this is an activity I will definitely do again.

The Water Lantern Festival is an uplifting experience where family, friends, and strangers come together to celebrate.  What did we celebrate?  Everything.  Life, love, loss, goals, successes.  Wherever you are in life right now.

We attended the Chicago event, which took place at the lagoon in Lincoln Park Zoo.  Funny story, it was originally planned for Humbolt Park but had to be changed due to the alligator invasion (aka “Chance the Snapper”).  If you would like to avoid going into the city, this experience took place in some suburbs as well:

Illinois locations

If you are not from Illinois, there are events all over the continental United States, as well as Internationally.

The launch itself didn’t start until 9:00 pm but gates opened up to attendees at 5:30 pm.  The first thing we did was check in.  With your admission, you received a sling bag.  Inside was a lantern kit and a sharpie.

2019-07-20 19.05.18

The next step was to pick our spot to relax at while we waited for the launch.  Bringing a blanket and chairs is highly recommended.  You could wheel in your own cooler with food and drinks too.  Since this was our first time and did not know what to expect, we brought none of this.  Big mistake.  Luckily for us, they had some fantastic food trucks available for this (always) hungry girl.  We also got there early enough to snag a spot on a short concrete wall around this lagoon.

2019-07-20 19.06.59

There was plenty of time then to decorate and set up your lantern.  As I mentioned above, there were many different themes.  Mine was a nod to my blog and its theme of spending time together doing activities.  “Enjoy experiences, not things”.  My SO’s lantern was dedicated to loss.  He has, unfortunately, experienced significant loss in the past and honored those loved ones.  A young couple near us was celebrating their love with their names, significant dates, and LOTS of hearts.  Whatever you are going through is worth celebrating or honoring.

2019-07-20 20.41.51

A half hour before the launch they invited people to come up to a stage and share their stories.  Young girls, easily under 10, speaking out about bullying and being true to who you are.  People talking about following your passion.  Cancer survivors.  Such uplifting and emotional stories.

The launch started at 9:00 pm.  You could put your lantern in the water right away or take your time.  Float time lasted until 10:30 pm.  While everyone was setting their lanterns into the lagoon, inspirational music played on the speakers.  “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright.  “Over the Rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo’ole.  If you are not familiar with these two versions, I will leave them at the end for your listening pleasure.  You can thank me later.

We were not able to stay all the way until the end (because mosquitos LOVE me), but the sight of the lanterns drifting in the water was just so pretty.  All carrying messages of hope, healing, happiness, and peace.  And this was only maybe half of them:

2019-07-20 21.20.58

Set a reminder to look into this festival near you next year.  The proceeds benefit multiple charities and you and your SO will have a date night to remember!

Videos below courtesy of YouTube

A Girl’s Gotta Eat – The Taste of Chicago

The very first Taste of Chicago kicked off on July 4, 1980 on a blocked off section of Michigan Avenue.  Organizers anticipated 100,000 attendees but over 250,000 showed up.  The event moved to Grant Park the following year and became one of the world’s largest food festivals.  Additional changes were made in 2012 when organizers shortened the event from 10 days down to 5.  It also moved the event dates away from the July 4th weekend.

This year’s event runs from July 11-15 in Grant Park.  Wednesday – Friday hours are 11:00 am – 9:00 pm and then Saturday – Sunday hours are 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.  Admission is FREE but then you have to purchase tickets for food and beverages.  A strip of 14 tickets will run you $10.  You can purchase these online prior to the event (and pick them up at will call I am assuming), however, you are limited to only 2 strips per purchase this way.  And you will be hit with an additional $3.00 amenities surcharge.  Per strip.  And let me tell you, 14 tickets will not get you very far.  Here is what you should expect to spend, according to their website:

Plan Your Purchase:
“Taste of” Food Portions: 5-6 tickets
Full Food Portions:10-12 tickets
Soda/Water: 7-8 tickets
Beer: 11-14 tickets
Wine/Cocktails: 10-14 tickets

2019-07-10 16.58.08

This year over 80 eateries will be participating.  Some of these will be restaurants that are set up for all 5 days.  Some will be food trucks.  And some will be pop-ups that will only be there for one or two nights.  The Taste’s website has a great list of who will be there and what they will be serving.  It also tells you who will be in the rotating pop-up stands on each night.

2019-07-10 17.33.54

Beverages were available in all forms as well.  Goose Island, CH Distillery, and Stella Rosa all had their own tented lounge areas, but you could get other beer, wine, and cocktails at bar stands scattered throughout the festival.


Apparently, there is entertainment as well.  I was only there for the food.  Music and cooking demonstrations are taking place all day.  You can see the full schedule here.

But let’s talk about the food.  Like the food truck festivals, this event is better with a group so you can try a variety of foods.  There were many Chicago staples there such as Lou Malnati’s pizza and the Billy Goat Tavern.  We are big fans of trying new things so here are some of the things we tasted:

Jerk Chicken with red beans and rice from Vee Vee’s African Restaurant:

2019-07-10 17.15.58

Mango Beef Salad from Arun’s:

2019-07-10 17.21.43

Snake Bites from Chicago’s Dog House:

2019-07-10 17.23.36

Five Spice Szechuan chicken from Lao Sze Chuan

2019-07-10 19.08.26

Cheddar Bacon Bun from Buscia’s Bacon Buns

2019-07-10 19.07.45

Italian Beef & Giardiniera Grilled Cheese from Doom Street Eats

2019-07-10 19.21.31

And then we finished strong with dessert.  The first was a Funnel Cake Sundae from Churro Factory – Xurro:

2019-07-10 20.18.11

And then some of us opted for something a little lighter with a scoop of Mango Ice Cream from Star of Siam:

2019-07-10 20.46.18

Parking is always an issue downtown, but you can get a discount at the millennium garages if you pre-purchase them online.

So, plan a day downtown during the fest and pop in and out for lunch, dinner, and dessert.  There is so much to choose from!


Old Joliet Prison

The Joliet Correctional Center, also known as the Illinois State Penitentiary, is an inactive prison in Joliet, Illinois.  It was built in 1858 by inmates from the Illinois State Prison in Alton.  The 25-foot high walls and buildings were constructed with limestone that was quarried right from the area.  It closed for good in 2002 due to budget cuts and overall deterioration of the buildings.  Sadly, it sat for years, untouched and continued to deteriorate.  Vandals repeatedly found their way in and caused extensive damage in addition to general wear and tear from the elements.

2019-05-16 11.06.18

2019-05-16 11.39.46

The Joliet Area Historical Museum, and the city of Joliet, took control of the prison and started the long process of repairing the buildings and its grounds, in an effort to open it back up to tourists and history buffs.  This is still a work in progress, but what you can view is as beautiful as it is creepy.

2019-05-16 10.50.27

Tours opened to the public in 2018.  There are many options for a visit here and we opted for the basic $20 one.  I would like to go back for the guard tour though.  We had a former employee with us for part of our tour and his stories were fascinating.  The guard-led ones are only available once or twice a month, mostly on Saturdays, and they book up quickly.

The tour group begins with the exterior of the main building.  This unit housed the warden and his family.  It also housed the female inmates (and their children) on the top floor, until a separate prison was built for them across the street.  Due to a collapsed floor, we were not able to enter this portion of the prison at all.  I found some great pictures of a few of these rooms on this website.  The wrought-iron staircases and marble fireplaces (seen on that website) show how ornate this residence was at one point.

2019-05-16 10.59.43

2019-05-16 11.00.08

One of the first units we were able to get into was a holding cell.  As expected, the cells were small and uncomfortable.  You can also clearly see the effect that neglect and the elements have had on the interior of the prison.

2019-05-16 11.25.53

2019-05-16 11.26.19

2019-05-16 11.27.48

Prior to heading in to the first building, we got a glimpse of what solitary was like.  This small, cramped structure was not even indoors.

2019-05-16 11.25.40

2019-05-16 11.23.59

The hospital was another building we had access to.  No electricity, peeling paint, and antiquated medical equipment.  Plus, the knowledge that there was a psych ward a few floors up sent chills up my spine.

2019-05-16 11.44.59

2019-05-16 11.35.47

2019-05-16 11.37.31

Another aspect that made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up was, each time you got close to one of the entrances to a building, you felt a burst of cold air hit you.  They said it was because of the limestone but . . . they offer a Paranormal tour for a reason, right?

2019-05-16 11.47.57

My favorite stop was the prison church.  Renewing your faith in God was (is) an essential part of prison reform.  I love old churches.  But old, abandoned churches?  Hauntingly beautiful.

2019-05-16 12.00.39

2019-05-16 11.58.06

Let’s not forget that this prison is famous.  Starting with this iconic scene of “Joliet” Jake’s release from prison in the 1980’s classic film “The Blues Brothers” (video courtesy of YouTube and Universal Pictures):

That took place right here:

2019-05-16 11.17.16

The first season of the television show “Prison Break” was shot on location inside the facility.  Other shows/movies filmed inside/around the prison include “Public Enemies”, “Derailed”, “Let’s Go To Prison”, and “Natural Born Killers”.

It is sad that this historic site was left to deteriorate to the state it got to but, with tourism and other funding, repairs are being made on a daily basis.  I would love to see it restored someday to a point where you can safely enter every building.  Tours run through October – book yours now!

Chicago Food Truck Festival

(Not from Chicago?  Don’t want to have to drive into the city?  Google “Food Truck festivals near me”)

Mark your calendars for next year.  The Chicago Food Truck Festival only comes around once a year.  It usually takes place the weekend after Father’s Day and is a two-day festival of food (and some drinks).  This is the second time I have attended, and much has changed from two years ago.

First, let’s start with the good stuff.  Well, it’s all good when food is involved, but one of the best things about this food truck event is the fact that the tickets are FREE.  Free, people.  Free.  When you “purchase” them, it automatically gets you entrance for both days, however, you can only use them for one of the days, not both.  Which is great, because then you can wait to see what the weather will be like.

Another goodie is the free parking.  In Chicago.  How often does that gem pop up?  Granted, we got there right when it opened at 11:00 am, so I cannot vouch for any available spots in those lots any time after that.  But is does exist at some point.

The location was also different this year than it was two years ago.  And, it changed at the last minute this year because they had more trucks sign up.  Which was another bonus from two years ago.  More dining options (see list of vendors below):

Food Truck List collage

I suggested we do a lap first and see what was available and then start digging in.  That didn’t last long.  Too many enticing smells.  We started with a truck called The Fat Shallot.  Their selection sounded interesting.

Fat Shallot collage

We ordered the Truffle BLT and the Spicy Sesame Fries.  Pro Tip:  go with one or more couples.  This way you can order lots of different foods and only have a bite or two.  You also won’t fill up after the first truck.

Fat Shallot 2

Our second stop was the Pierogi Wagon.  Being the good polish girl that I am, I had to get the 6 for $8.95 and do a mix and match with two of each flavor.  We also got a side of sour cream and chopped bacon.  Yum!

Pierogi Wagon collage

The next stop on this culinary tour was the Happy Lobster truck.  I liked their Happy Lobster Roll so much the first time I tried it two years ago that I had to have another one this year.

Happy Lobster collage

Stop number four was at the Taste of International.  This was more of a food stand than a truck, but who am I to tell them they can’t be there?  I am not a fan of curry, but our friends are and wanted to try the curry chicken.  They were cooking it up right there in front of you and I will say it did smell delicious.

Taste of International Curry

Stop number five almost caused a complete break in our couples’ friendship that day.  First, the husband of the couple wanted to stop at a hot dog truck (Hot Dog Fiend).  Pretty basic when you have 40+ new things to try.  Granted, they offered some great combinations to at least make the hot dog interesting.

Hot Dog Fiend collage

But then . . . he did this:

2019-06-23 12.31.06

Ketchup!  Just.  Ketchup.  He’s lucky we have been friends for almost 20 years, or this could have ended a lot differently.

Final stop, and one very full stomach later, was dessert.  Stations by Decadent Flavor offered up mini donuts with sugar/spice toppings.  My SO and I got the small bag with half pumpkin spice (him) and half salted caramel (me).  So good.

Decadent Flavor collage

As I mentioned previously, there were over 40 food trucks/sponsor tents there that day.  There is no way we could hit all of them.  As much as we wanted to.

Beverage options were also available.  There was a beer/sangria/water tent right when you walked in.  You had to buy tickets for these.  You could pre-purchase these online before you go.  A VIP upgrade was available that included early admission and drink tickets.  There was also a pretty cool looking old-fashioned soda pop truck.

2019-06-23 11.15.42

And then there was this:

2017-06-25 14.42.28

A cored pineapple with the insides pureed like a slushie.  Topped with a skewer of gummies and fruit roll-ups.  With a generous sprinkling of Nerds candies.  And yes, alcoholic versions were available.

Some tables/chairs were available, but the event organizers recommend bringing your own.  You should also bring your appetite.  Happy Eating!

Cirque du Soleil VOLTA

(Not from Chicago?  Find a show near you or coming soon.)

Blogger’s note: Action photos are not easy to capture so, apologies for some of the burry images.

I really enjoy Cirque du Soleil.  So does my SO.  We saw our first show in Orlando years ago and were blown away by the theatrics, beauty, and unbelievable acrobatic talent of its performers.  There are many different versions of this show and VOLTA is here in Chicago right now.  It has set up its big top in Soldier Field’s South parking lot and is here until July 6.

Cirque du Soleil means “Circus of the Sun” or “Sun Circus”.  The Canadian company is also the largest theatrical producer in the world.  Each show is combination of different circus styles from around the world.  There are currently 20 different productions (permanent and touring) all over the world right now.  Las Vegas alone has 7 permanent ones to choose from!  As a matter of fact, my all-time favorite one, “O” is based there in the Bellagio Hotel.

“Volta is the title of Cirque du Soleil’s big top show which is themed around extreme sports. The show’s storyline is about a game show contestant named Waz, who has lost touch with himself; he starts a personal quest to find his true self by going through his memories, after discovering a group of free spirits who encourage him during this process.” – Wikipedia

The extreme sports portion was just two segments involving BMX bikes.  Super cool stunts and tricks.  One of the acts was a rider doing spins and tricks on his bike while another performer danced around him.  It was honestly pretty beautiful.  The other segment had five riders performing stunts and tricks on a half-pipe.  Watching them land after doing spins and flips was edge-of-your-seat fun.

2019-06-18 20.52.56

2019-06-18 22.06.18

Besides the extreme sports, there was the usual mix of acrobatics, both floor and aerial, dance and music.

2019-06-18 20.11.38

2019-06-18 21.38.30

One of my favorite acts of the night was the trampoline acrobatics.  When they first brought the structure out, I got excited because I had seen something similar in another production.  Then, they revealed it to have trampolines on both sides.  Brilliant.

2019-06-18 20.32.00

2019-06-18 20.33.33

Another pleasant aspect of the shows is the fitness level of the acrobats.  The guys are super ripped and the women have toned dancer bodies.  Sadly, I was only able to get this one picture.

2019-06-18 20.59.15-1

Tickets start at $70.00 (the site says $49 but that is for kids 2-12).  I was able to find discounted tickets on Goldstar for $35.00 (plus fees, but you would be paying those from their site as well).  This is a small venue so even the seats in the back or off to the side (we were both) were still pretty good.  It is a circular stage, so the performers work all angles and the stage rotates.

The show is only here for another two weeks so get your tickets soon!

Jazzin’ at the Shedd

On Wednesdays in the summer, the Shedd Aquarium hosts an event called “Jazzin’ at the Shedd” and it is just what it sounds like.  A jazz band performs while you explore the many levels of the aquarium.  When the weather cooperates, these bands play outside on the terrace.  Thanks to the rain that never ends in 2019, we had to experience the music indoors.

2019-06-12 20.46.55

The John G. Shedd Aquarium opened its doors to the public on May 30, 1930.  It operates as an aquarium and museum of aquatic life.  It provides educational services to the public and conducts scientific research to further support and protect marine wildlife.  It is hard to find someone who has lived in Chicago (or its suburbs) and has not visited the Shedd Aquarium at some point in their lives.  Along with the Planetarium and the Field Museum, the Aquarium is part of what is now known as the “museum campus”.

From 5:00 – 10:00 pm on these select dates, the museum is closed to the public for this private event.  For the price of admission ($20 for Chicago residents, $25 for Non-residents, Free to Members), guests have access to the full aquarium as well as the live music playing that night.  The Jazzin’ season will run through August and a list of performers can be found here.

With this being a special event, and a weeknight, the aquarium was not crowded.  At all.  We were able to get right up to the glass at each exhibit without waiting.

2019-06-12 20.35.49

The five-hour admission is more of an “open house” format.  Come late, leave early.  Whatever works with your schedule.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Food and drinks are served, however, they are an additional cost to the night.

2019-06-12 19.50.28

  • Some exhibits close early. We decided to eat at a restaurant instead of the event.  Due to our late arrival, we missed the chance to visit the Oceanarium (it closed at 7:45 pm).
  • Another bonus that comes with admission is that you can view the Wednesday night Navy Pier fireworks from the terrace. For an additional $20, you can even reserve a spot on a Shoreline cruise to get you even closer to the display.

2019-06-12 21.34.10

I have made many trips here with my kids that it was nice to explore the marine life on my own.  Additionally, there were very few children present that night.  This is not advertised as an “adults only” event but only a handful of couples brought their kids.  Not that I have anything against kids, but aren’t “date nights” and excuse to get away from your own for a few hours?

Sometimes date-nights can be on a weeknight.  Break up your week with a little Jazz and an ocean of fish!

Art on the Mart

PRO TIP:  If you don’t read any further than this, take my advice and BRING HEADPHONES (more on that later).

Art on the Mart is a permanent public art experience along the Riverwalk in Chicago.  Lights and pictures are projected onto the entire south side of the Merchandise Mart.  Introduced in September of 2018, the art installation is presented by the City of Chicago and the League of Chicago Theaters.

theMART (formerly the Merchandise Mart), located in the River North neighborhood between Wells and Orleans streets, is the world’s largest commercial building and design center.  It spans two whole city blocks and is 25 stories tall.  theMART has been an icon in Chicago’s architectural city since it was built in the 1930s.

2019-05-25 19.40.51

On May 13, 2019, Art on the Mart expanded its projections to seven days a week for the summer.  Projections begin about 15 minutes after sunset.  Approximate sunset times are listed on their website calendar.  This summer program will run through September 29, 2019.

I would recommend getting there at least a half hour early.  There really isn’t “seating” available, except on the edges of some landscape ledges.

2019-05-25 19.40.05

Before the show starts, there is a projection instructing you to visit the website for audio.  They do not play this publicly, so if you don’t have headphones with you, you are out of luck.  Trying to play it through the speaker on your phone didn’t work that well.  Some of the light projections are set to music and some of the projections were performances from theater performers, visual artists and puppeteers.

The display is visible for 2 hours.  I’m not sure if it repeats at some point.  We didn’t stay that long.  If you are feeling adventurous, we saw a good number of kayakers enjoying the visual display on the river during that night.

If you are in the city, this is definitely worth fitting into your agenda.  This is also a FREE activity so that is always a bonus.  Just make sure you have headphones.