Raging Waves Water Park

I am here to tell you right now that you do not need to be a kid to go to a water park.  You also don’t need to have kids to be granted admission into a water park.  Why should they get to have all the fun anyway?

Water parks with big slides are even more fun and Raging Waves Water Park in Yorkville is just that place.  They have quite the variety, too.  There is the zero-depth pool that, every 15 minutes or so, turns into a wave pool.  The lazy river winds around the middle of the park so that you can see everything from the comfort of your inner tube.  And then there are the slides.  Body slides, single person inner tube slides, and multi-person tube slides.  With so much to choose from, you are guaranteed a good time.

2018-07-17 14.14.16

We arrived as close to opening time as possible.  This ensured us a few beach loungers near the wave pool.  They also have cabanas that you can rent but we chose to lounge in the sun.

2018-07-17 13.19.07

The cost of the park depends on what you are willing to pay for or do for yourself.  I found discounted tickets on Groupon (naturally).  You only need to rent an inner tube if you want one for the wave pool.  All other rides provide them or you have to get one from the lazy river.

2018-07-17 14.23.08

No food or beverages are allowed IN the park but there are many options for you to choose from.  You are also more than welcome to leave the park and eat your pre-packed lunch in the parking lot.  Just make sure you get the hand stamp for re-entry.

2018-07-17 14.16.26

Make sure you check the FAQ page before you get there.  There are some height requirements for some of the slides (don’t laugh – some of us “shorties” need to know) and other restrictions you might want to know about ahead of time.  So, get out there and be a kid again before the summer is over!

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