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(Not from Lemont, IL?  Google “community theater near me”)

I am not a theater geek.  Never have been.  I wouldn’t even consider myself one now.  I have, however, found an appreciation for it since my youngest became a theater geek.  As a Freshman he participated in the Fall and Winter plays but never the Spring musical.  Then, as a Junior, he decided to give the musical a try and he has been hooked ever since.  And we became fans by way of supporting him.

His passion further became a part of our lives as he was discovering songs and soundtracks from some of the more popular productions like “Hamilton”, “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Legally Blonde”.   He kept on insisting we listen to these new songs he obsessed over when we were driving to/from hockey games.  Eventually, we became fans of the “Hamilton” songs so much we bought tickets to go with our son to see it.  Fantastic, by the way.  I highly recommend going to see it.

This past summer, our son auditioned for, and got a part in a musical called Barnum that was being put on by our local community theater.  I had never heard of Little Mountain Community Theater up to that point, even though they had been putting on shows for the past 5 years.  I also have a cousin who is very active in her community theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have made a few trips up there to see her perform.  So, I know a little about how much work goes into these productions.  And how much they rely on fundraising.

2019-03-16 18.54.33

Every community theater has a fundraiser (or two) during the course of their production season.  Last weekend, Little Mountain hosted a “Broadway Bound” event that featured past performers singing a favorite tune of theirs from a Broadway musical.  Our son, home on Spring Break, decided to participate so we were happy to support him as well as Little Mountain CT.  It was hosted by a local restaurant, Gelsosomo’s, in their back room.  The cost was $25 per person and we got a pizza buffet, beverages (non-alcoholic), and the show.

2019-03-16 19.03.40

Now, not every performer was a professional.  Some were singing on stage for the first time.  Some, like my son, did not have the chance to practice their song more than a handful of times before that night.  It was an entertaining mix of talent that night.  Here is a list of the songs we heard that night:

Song List

If you enjoy theater, even a little, look into supporting your local community theater.  Even if it means just attending their show(s).  Many local stages produce a musical in the summer.  And, many make their show announcements April 1.  Do some research now and plan a date night and support your local arts!

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