Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience (A Parody by Dan and Jeff)

Are you a Harry Potter fan(atic)?  I am, but I know there are bigger fans out there.  I mean, I don’t even know which house I belong to!  I remember reading the first book with my oldest son when he was 5 or 6 and was home from school with the flu.  We were hooked.

Then, the movie version came out.  I am an avid reader, and I try to stay away from the movie version of any book.  I am almost always disappointed.  Sometimes it is because of how they cast the characters.  Sometimes it is because they had to cut a good scene from the book for time.

The Harry Potter movies, in my opinion, have been cast perfectly.  I cannot imagine anyone else but Alan Rickman playing Severus Snape.  What if Robin Williams played Hagrid?  It almost happened.  According to this article I found on Hollywood.com, there were quite a few famous actors/actresses who were being considered for a role in the series.

Fans of Harry Potter can now relive all 7 books (or 8 movies) in the production Potted Potter” now playing at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago.  The venue, located in Water Tower Place, is an intimate 500+ seat venue.  Originally built as a Drury Lane location, this theater was renovated and reopened as a Broadway in Chicago location in 2010.

This two-man show was created by two actors, Dan Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, as a 5-minute street show.  This was expanded to a 70-minute show and now tours all over the United States and the United Kingdom.  While this is advertised as a parody, it is a family friendly show.  So, while it was not “adult humor” funny, it was still quite funny.  One running joke was that one of the actors spent the whole prop budget, which resulted in the props being less than spectacular.  One example is the dragon that Harry battles in the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) is reduced to a hand puppet:

Dragon 2

There was also one audience participation scene where two children were brought onstage to help facilitate a group quidditch match.

2019-12-19 20.08.35

“Potted Potter” is playing until January 19, but the show has been in Chicago in the past and is sure to return again.  Tickets can be purchased through the Broadway Playhouse website, or you can grab discounted tickets through Goldstar.  And don’t be afraid to show your Harry Potter pride.  There were a good number of people in house scarves, robes, and Harry’s signature glasses.  And yes, I am talking about the adults in the audience, not the kids.